Rental Policies

Updated March 25, 2024

To Confirm a Quote

Please be sure to thoroughly check the following information prior to signing and sending it back:

  • Delivery and pickup location(s)
  • Correct on-site contact information-this information should be the person what we call upon delivery to meet our staff and sign for the items being dropped.
  • Delivery and Pickup days/times are correct. Your delivery fees are based on this information and are subject to change if location, time, or date are switched within 7 days of the event date.
  • Responsibility for loss of or damage to rental items remains with the customer from delivery to the time of pickup.
  • Event start and end days /times.
  • All rental items and quantities.

Once all of the above information has been looked over, the quote must be signed and sent back for the order to change from a quote to an actual reservation in our system.

Deposits, Payments & Revisions


In order to reserve a quote, we require a 40%, non-refundable deposit. Quotes do not guarantee availability of rental items. Rental items will only be reserved upon receipt of a signed rental contract and deposit.


  • Should a client want to cancel a rental 3 days or less prior to delivery or pickup, client is responsible for 100% of the rental cost. No refunds will be given.
  • Should client offer 1 week or more notice of cancellation of delivery or pickup, client may be eligible to receive a partial refund (all deposits are non-refundable).

Final payment & revisions for order:

Final revisions are due (5) days prior to the delivery date; Final Payment is due 3 days prior to delivery date. Any revisions to orders made after this day may be subject to a fee change or restocking fee.


Rental fees will vary depending on how long the items will be in the clientspossession. In general, our base rate will be charged if the items are to be used for one event. The base rate will cover up to (3) days, excluding generators and other equipment, which are charged out on a per day basis. This will allow our crew to deliver or client can pickup, up to (1) business day prior to the event taking place and return (1) business day after the event. If any items are needed longer than this, the rates will be charged on a week by week basis.

Will Call

  • Please E-sign your reservation before arriving to the will call warehouse to retrieve your items.
  • We must receive 100%, full payment 3 days prior to pickup. Items are not reserved unless there is a signed contract and full payment.
  • Pickup is in the back of the building. Please pull your car up to the back of the building and drive up the concrete ramp.
  • On days with inclement weather, contact your sales representative. There may need to bring a tarp if the items are going in an open trailer/truck bed.

Delivery / Pickup

  • Rental prices do not include setting up or dismantling tables & chairs, or placing linens/tabletop items. Customer is welcome to decline installation fees, but items will arrive in stacks and customer MUST return all items to stacks in the same location for Mahaffey Pickup.
  • Delivery is made to the closest point a truck can park. Extra Charges will result for locations upstairs or elevators, distant from the truck, or any conditions for which unanticipated time or expense is incurred.
  • Please be sure your site is ready and cleared of obstructions before crew arrives. Customer must show locations of any underground utilities (i.e. cable, sprinklers, gas lines, etc.)and any other conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake tents.
  • The customer/contact should be available to count all items upon delivery and pickup; otherwise our count will be considered accurate.
  • Responsibility for lost or damaged rental items remains with the customer from delivery to the time of pickup.
  • Customer must protect rental items from the weather and secure them when not in use, and must inspect the rental items delivered at the time of delivery.